What does safari mean?

There’s no better way to feel the spirit of adventure than to experience the desert safari specially in Egypt . When you hear the word safari; scenes from old movies might flash through your head. Those people who carry equipment and supplies in the desert and the wildlife is full of adventure with a natural exotic scenery. Egypt is one of the most famous places for Safari where you can enjoy the peaceful and eventful life.

Since the last quarter of the 20th century, desert safari has been less an occasion for hunting and more an adventure for tourists to view and photograph big game in the African national parks and reserves.

Recently, the meaning of the word safari has been expanded to include trips and excursions not necessarily related to the desert wildlife. For example, the safari in Egypt deserts for those who are looking for adventure to experience the quiet and natural life of the desert.

Al Walaa Tour Cairo Branch Sponsor by C,La Vie  can offer various programs covering safari in Egypt . The western desert with its 5 oasis Baharia  Farafra  Dakhla  Kharga  Siwa  Marsa Matruh is known for most of the African safari fans, the African safari trips are usually between 5 and 10 days. 

Where are the best places for Safari in Egypt ?

The western desert in
 Egypt is a unique and fabulous place for enjoying the safari in Egypt,The western desert with its 5 oasis Baharia  Farafra  Dakhla  Kharga  Siwa  Marsa Matruh because of the marvelous sandy formations that exist there, besides the great history of the WWII as you can see the Great Sand Sea where the army of Cambyses, met a strong sandstorm that buried them all.

You can enjoy your desert safari in Egypt in Sinai where you can visit the Monastery of St Catherine by Jeep and climb Moses mountain , Moses Springs . Sarabit Al-Khadem ,Colored canyon A camel ride in the desert also can be enjoyed there.

Hurghada also is considered an ideal area for embarking upon a desert safari in Egypt due to its close proximity to the desert and its colorful mountains and canyons.

The Gilf Kebir is one of the most famous places for long desert safaris in Egypt.
You can spend several days covering most of the interesting parts of
 the Western desert in Egypt , including several days of exploring unknown areas of Jebel Uweinat and the Gilf Kebir plateau.

When is the suitable time for the safari in Egypt ?

To enjoy your desert safari trip in Egypt , you need to avoid the hot months ( From May to September), while the best time is (October – April) outside the intolerable summer season